Story Ideas

Deb can help get you started with your window coverings articles, posts or blogs with this  quick-hit, unending, hopefully indispensable, fun,  story ideas:

  1. Where is the Window Headed in 2018?
  2. The Good, Bad and Ugly of Window Coverings
  3. Design in the Age of Apps
  4. Fool the Eye Design Ideas for Window Fashions
  5. Top Ten Window Covering Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  6. Choosing the Perfect Window Dressings
  7. Custom Window Treatments and the New Safety Standards–What You Need to Know Now
  8. Ten Things your Designer Might Not know about Window Coverings

In September 2010 the Window Coverings Manufacturers Association and the Consumer Products Safety Council announced a new set of safety standards for ALL corded window treatments—mini blinds, Roman shades, draw draperies, etc. This has far-reaching effects for any interior designer who directly or through a sub-contractor specifies window treatments. Learn the implications of the new standards for your business—how to comply, how to properly specify, the language to use with past and current clients, as well as the inherent opportunities in all new product categories at the window. Standard updated 2-2018

This article can also been written from a consumer’s point of view.

     9. Trade Secrets

Tricks of the trade from window fashion style guru Deb Barrett. Learn what the pros know about designing stunning window treatments. Get insider access to the world of custom window coverings.

      10.How Can You Tell if Your Window Covering Choice is Green?

       11.Understanding the Language of Window Fashions

        12.State of the Industry Report 2018

        13.Top Three Soft Window Covering Trends

        14.Top Three Hard Window Covering Trends

         15.Ready made vs. Custom vs. Couture

“Who doesn’t want to add a little drama to their window? “ The problem is there are too many choices and which one works for your room, your budget and your style? This detailed guide helps you successfully navigate the window fashion waters whether they are ready made, custom or couture.

         16.What Makes a Great Window Treatment?

Check out Deb’s detailed list of 10 things to look for in a well dressed window  and see how to add couture elements to your next project.

         17.Taking the Fear Out of Custom Window Fashions

We’ve all heard the horror stories surrounding consumers and window coverings. There is so much to know about the most technical design niche. Yet its possible to have a positive experience. Window Fashion expert, Deb Barrett breaks down the steps in purchasing and designing custom window fashions with confidence and control.

        18.Why Hire a Window Fashion Professional?

        19.Dos and Don’ts of Window Fashion

       20. 10 Best Practices for Design Professionals

Deb walks you through 10 simple steps that can be easily integrated into a daily or weekly schedule, delivering increased profits, filling your pipeline with new projects and building repeat business…without you really trying, that hard.

       21.Cool Tools for Your Design Business

Your Web presence is to your business what shop windows were to retailers in the 19th Century. Find out why your Internet presence is critical to success and how to manage it.

        22.Debunking Window Fashion Myths

You’ve heard them, you’ve done it, checked it once measured twice, so why did you end up in window fashion hell? Deb Barrett explains what‘s truth and what’s myth in the window fashion decorating experience.